Travel to Ramallah

One question which we understand parents and students will want to know more about is, "How do I get to Ramallah on Monday, July 8th?” We ask any international wishing to be met by staff to arrive at Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, Jordan on Saturday, July 6th. We will then stay overnight at the Ibis Hotel in Amman. Then on Sunday, July 7th, we will as a group on our bus, travel across the borders into Ramallah.

Then on Monday July 29th, we will reverse the travel back across the border to Amman, Jordan. We will stay overnight again in Amman, and fly Tuesday, July 30th.

We want the traveling to Ramallah to be as seamless as possible. The Ramallah Friends School has vast experience with international students traveling to the West Bank, and we plan to have all the contingencies covered for a safe and smooth passage to and from Ramallah.