Our First Year


Go Palestine's inaugural summer camp was held in 2011 at the Ramallah Friends School. It was a huge success! We brought together 40 campers, half of whom came from across the globe (USA, UK, South Korea, UAE, Bahrain etc.), and the other half of whom are from Ramallah.


We would like to present a balanced review of this year’s camp, but both parents and campers were consistent in their praise and positive remarks.

From the family back home:

“I write with great appreciation for the chance you have given to Omar this summer. According to Omar, this has been the best experience he had in his life. He had bonded so well with all the participants and had a great time exploring Palestine and Palestinian living. I hope you will continue to do this camp next year and avail this amazing opportunity to many other Palestinians living out of home. Thank you so much!!” - Shaden Jayousi Bushnaq, parent of Omar Bushnaq, Dubai, UAE

“Go Palestine was a one of a kind experience for Karma and will remain with her for a very long time to come. I am so thankful for all your great efforts.”
- Maha Dahmash, parent of Karma Malhas, Amman, Jordan

“I'm Moody Kablawi’s sister, and I tell you, Moody participates in a lot of activities especially because of his art, but I've never seen him so emotionally attached, as I saw him after coming back from the Go Palestine camp. I'm sure he will treasure you all in his heart, and I know you will too. Believe me, it would've never been so incredible without every and each one of you. This kind of friendship you may find once in a lifetime. Thank you so much!” 
- Miriam Kablawi, sister of Moody Kablawi, Haifa

Thanks Go Palestine summer camp. I am so happy my son Gabe was part of this awesome experience. Shukran.
- Francois Farah, father of Gabriel Farah, Michigan, USA

“I want to thank you for putting such a wonderful camp together this summer. Ramsey had a phenomenal time and enjoyed every aspect of the camp. He met a great group of kids, traveled to places we could never have taken him and was further exposed to the culture while gaining a deeper understanding of the conflict. There is no way that we could have given him such a full experience this summer without the camp.
It gives me great pleasure when I hear Ramsey talking about the camp and how much he enjoyed it. Thank you so much for your hard work and the work of the other counselors, and I hope to be able to send my younger son to a future Go Palestine when he is old enough.”
Lara Langley, parent of Ramsey Langley, Virginia, USA

“I think it [Go Palestine Summer Camp] was an invaluable experience. Five months have passed and we still hear stories about Yasmeen's trip every other day. She is filled with enthusiasm and is desperate to go back and do more. What I find most impressive is the high regard she has for the Friends School counterparts, an intelligent, well informed and committed lot.” - Zina Jardaneh, mother of Yasmeen Abdel Majeed, London, UK

From the campers:

“For those youth of Palestinian background coming from abroad we tend to know Palestine only through the lens of politics, occupation, repression and loss.   We often hear about things Palestinian in a language of struggle and despair that drowns out other voices.  The truth, though, is more vital and textured.  [Go Palestine] Camp showed us that what lies beyond the physical Wall and the one we carry inside us, is a Palestine that is as much a people as a place and that it is made of so many facets to be explored and cherished.” - Ramsey

“Go Palestine had an amazing impact on me, it taught me new things and I met interesting people.  It all was included in the experience that will provide me with a bright future that I am grateful for”. - Majd

“At the beginning Sa’ed said that Go Palestine would change my life, and it did everyday.” - Hadeel

“Go Palestine has had a significant impact on me. It was so amazing and it helped me feel like I was not alone in the world. Although some of the things we saw were difficult to see, I would love to do it all again. - Tala

“The camp surpassed my expectations. The counselors and campers were amazing!” - Faisal

“I met new people who deeply impacted me, I also got to see new perspectives to life in Palestine. It made me love to be here.” - Walid

“It helped my English a lot.” - Fares

“I learned a lot about Palestine, but also about the countries other campers came from.” - Layali

“Go Palestine has empowered me; now I feel capable of traveling independently in the future.” - Leila

“This was my first trip to Palestine, I learned and now understand a lot more about my homeland.” - Wael

“I loved the talent show and the dancing” - Rajai

“One of my favorite parts of Go Palestine was the refugee camp and seeing the wall.” - Mira

“What I didn’t like about the camp was having to leave everyone at the end.” - Saad

From Facebook

“I miss camp and I miss all of you. Thanks for making my first time in Palestine awesome!!!!!” - Fadi

“I enjoyed the camp this summer. I want to thank you for providing me with this opportunity. I also want to thank Mahmoud for taking care of me when we were in Amman, and the rest of the counselors. I loved that I got the opportunity to participate in this program and make new friends, while catching up with the old ones. I miss y'all and can't wait for the next time I visit home.” - Tamara

“gonna miss u all , i can't believe that 3 weeks already passed and the camp ended :S , but it was such a great experience to share with you guys , love you all . Have a safe trip ;)” - Jamal

“last day in Palestine :(... few hours and will be crossing the border..nothing can compare to this summer, and definitely no one in Cali can compare to the kind of people here..i love you all, and will miss you and my country. Goodbye” - Tala

“I used my Nablus soap for the first time today :) lol I miss you guys!!!” - Nisreen

“What an amazing day! I love GO PALESTINE. Sa'ed you are brilliant!! OMG!! I am so sad that only a couple days remain. This experience has ultimately been the turning point in my life. I know that i will always treasure the memories. :)” - Hadeel


A reflection from one of the first year's campers Ramsey Langley.