Itinerary - A Typical Day

Your daily schedule will vary, giving you an opportunity to experience many different aspects of Palestinian culture. In addition to having an opportunity to explore in places such as Bethlehem, Hebron, Nablus, and Taybeh, participants will spend time doing service projects, shopping in local stores and markets, experiencing local food, joining a member of the host family at work, or participating in Ramallah nightlife.

Here are a few examples of what a 'typical' day may look like for you. You can also view a previous itinerary.

To Begin

Breakfast with host family, then head to the Ramallah Friends School. This is followed by Collection at RFS - A daily opportunity for "Reflection" and orientation for the day ahead, then . . . .

The Morning

  • Could be playing some sports or recreation games at the Ramallah Friends School.

  • Taking fields trips, or hikes to explore other towns and sites.

  • Doing service work in a refugee camp.

  • Art, Dance, or music programs.

  • Workshops.

Lunches: Are often At a local restaurant, or provided by the place we are visiting, OR packed and brought with us.

The Afternoon

  • If we are doing activities around the Ramallah Friends School campus, then we might travel to a project near-by.

  • If we are working at a refugee camp, for example, we would simply go back to our project.

  • Swimming.

Usually by 4 PM we will be finished.

Early Evening

You travel to your host family for dinner, and take that shower you thought about for much of the day.


Evenings can vary. Some nights we show films, go bowling, hear music, or spend time with our host family.

I love the connection with the campers and counselors, our mutual love for Palestine.
— 2013 Camper

To Conclude

Over the course of three weeks, campers enjoy the beauty of the Ramallah Friends School campus and the immense facilities and resources it has to offer. The campers watch many documentaries and movies as part of the Go Palestine film festival.