Frequently Asked Questions


1. Will Go Palestine Staff meet the campers in Amman upon their arrival?


Yes, we will meet international travelers outside of customs at Queen Alia International Airport (AMM) in Amman, Jordan, the staff will take campers to the Ibis Hotel in Amman. The next morning , we will meet other campers joining Go Palestine, and together we will cross the border on our way to Ramallah.

There are many travel aspects we will cover in mailings prior to the trip. Concerns about visas, passports, what to expect at crossings, etc., will be dealt with in detail. For more information, please visit our Travel page.


2. Should I bring my laptop, Ipod or cell phone?


We suggest not to bring expensive cameras and electronic equipment, so you don't want to have to worry about losing them the whole time you are here. Leave your laptop at home. Your cell phone probably will not work unless you have an international calling plan and phone.

Each student will need to talk with their carrier about that. It could be an opportunity to know how refreshing it can be to be disconnected. However, to ensure panic does not set in, your host family will have internet access and local cell phone access. Communication is critical for the Go Palestine staff.


3. Do I need vaccinations before I travel to Ramallah?

We will leave the final decision on that to your health providers. However, outside of the normal childhood vaccinations we only recommend:

  • a routine Hepatitis A vaccination as a normal travel precaution.

  • making sure your Tetanus boosters are up-to-date.

4. What will my host family be like, and do I stay with them all the time?

Every international camper will be matched with a welcoming host family. Each day the host family will provide the lodging, transportation to camp, and meals (camp will provide lunch) for their guest camper. Knowing how important being a good host is to the Palestinian culture, we expect each carefully chosen family to provide a warm and enriching experience for their guest.Of course there will be days of travel and celebrations that will have the group eating dinner together and not in their homes.

5. What will the food be like?

Traditional, international, usually healthy, not McDonalds, delicious.

6. I am not Palestinian, can I still apply?

While the majority of campers will be of Palestinian descent, Go Palestine welcomes prospective campers with other ties to Palestine, as well as allies aiming to deepen their connection to the Palestinian cause. We particularly encourage youths from the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) to apply and attend our camp.