What to Bring

We will send out a final packing list before camp, but everyone considering joining our trip should know we want folks to travel light. Palestine is warm in the summer, which helps the baggage weight.

A few things to consider:

  • We recommend modesty in order to be culturally appropriate, and we will expand upon this further in our final packing list.

  • Gifts for a host family is appropriate, and we can give you further suggestions concerning what would work well and be light to carry.

  • We also suggest not to bring expensive cameras and electronic equipment. You don't want to have to worry about losing them the whole time you are in the country. Leave your laptop at home. Your cell phone probably will not work unless you have an international calling plan and phone, or choose to buy a local SIM card (Ooredo or Jawwal) with a prepaid plan for your unlocked phone. Each student will need to talk with their carrier about that. It could be an opportunity to know how refreshing it can be to be disconnected.

  • If you forget something, you can buy almost any neglected items in Ramallah.