Safety and Security

After traveling the world for 40 years, I was amazed that this is one of the safest and friendliest destinations I have ever visited.
— James Houldin, founder of Global Works and advisor to Go Palestine

Some internationals might ask, “Isn’t this a dangerous place to travel?”

Absolutely not.

Fundamentally the homes and streets of Ramallah are safe, and street crime is almost nonexistent. The Ramallah Friends School hosts many internationals every year and has never faced any safety related incidents. In addition, the home stay families will be a guide to being safe.

Go Palestine will have some rules that are paramount:

  • Students must travel in pairs, and never alone.

  • Drug or alcohol use or abuse are grounds for a student to be sent home.

  • Tobacco use by any of the students is prohibited.

  • Health and safety is first in any consideration.

  • Host families and local students will have cell phones.

  • Travel is communicated between the Go Palestine staff and the host families.

Ramallah boasts a huge expatriate community with many US and international organizations setting up their head offices here. It is an area known to be street safe with very low crime rates. It is also known to be safe for girls, and common for them to be walking in town in pairs.

Go Palestine will be sure to provide safe transportation for all their activities.