Rise and shine up and early for our campers today.  An exciting morning was planned for them as drowsy teenagers stretched out of their tents on a cool sunny morning. A traditional breakfast was ready for them, on the menu: Humus, foul, za’tar, boiled and grilled eggs with flatbread and ca’k (sesame bread) as well as tea and a some fruit to properly start off the day.
After having fueled up, the kids were guided by Wael on a morning hike on the Palestinian hilltops. A long line of red shirted campers stretched across the hills and into the tree lines. They were surrounded by the vast valley and got a good breath of fresh air to begin in the morning.
After arriving to one of our stops on the hike it was time for a bit of sporty activity. They all took turns doing abseiling, where they are tied to the side of a small cliff and supervised by professionals. And with their headgear and rope they have to climb down the rocks in a perpendicular position to the bottom of the cliff. A little adrenaline rush gave the campers a new experience to add to their memories in Palestine.
After lounging in the surrounding Nature and appreciating the beauty of Palestine the campers headed back to the camp site to take down the tents and prepare to go back to Ramallah and probably catch up on all the sleep they lost joking and chatting through the night.