This morning the campers spent the day on campus starting with an important discussion about Palestinian identity. They sat down in a circle and the floor was open to discussion. We first explained to them the definition of Palestinian Identity and the complexity of it. Palestinian identity can differ between West Bank Palestinians, Jerusalemites, Palestinians behind the green line, Gaza Palestinians as well as Diaspora Palestinians. And we let them tie all these identities together.
It was important to emphasize that Palestine Identity is not only defined by occupation war and intifada but it is also a rich cultural heritage and has immense historical value. The campers discussed their experiences and how that added to their Palestinian identity; but some also expressed slight alienation to the disbelief of the situation of their people and the different lives that they lead.
It was important to remind them that their presence in this camp was a reclaiming and affirmation of their identity and that the definition of Palestinian identity is very wide and abstract. 
After lunch in the afternoon the campers worked on their group projects to show during the last day of camp. All platforms of expression were allowed to convey as best as possible their experiences and the many things that they have learned during these weeks.
At night the campers had a DJ and Karaoke party! Barbecue, food and fun were on the program tonight as the campers danced the night away in Ein Qinia. A beautiful garden was lent to us by one of the campers for a night to remember.