Jerusalem & '48

Today the campers had a very early meeting at the school at 5:30 for a full day of program in Jerusalem Haifa. The reason why we had to do the three cities in one day was due to permits that not everyone was able to get so we condensed the program so that everyone may participate in the day trip.
The campers started off by going to Jerusalem in the morning. First stop on the program was of course Al Aqsa compound. After a walk through the old city passing through Via Dolorosa, the path taken by Jesus on his way to get crucified the ladies of the group changed into the appropriate clothing to get into the compound. The entrance of a group of 45 was difficult, as recent tensions with settlers forcing entry had made the guards wary as well as the Israeli security who were unsure about letting in a large group of Palestinians. A scenario similar to the one at the Ibrahimi mosque; but nonetheless an experience for the campers to see the daily hindrances to movement Palestinians face.

After having been granted entry into the compound the campers were able to visit their ancestral historical and religious heritage, arguably the epicenter of the conflict. After some prayed and others took pictures we moved on to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher the place of Jesus’s tomb. The campers were shown around the complex and experienced the Jerusalem experience at it’s best. On their way out of the old city through Damascus Gate we ordered ka’k and falafel the traditional Jerusalemite breakfast to fill us up for our trip to Haifa a three-hour drive from Jerusalem.
The campers passed the Bahai monument in Haifa, and after that they all changed into their swimming gear to have a refreshing dip in the Mediterranean Sea. After a moment of leisure the campers had a hearty lunch and drove straight to Akka