We kicked off our day with an inspiring lecture from Nasser Ibrahim, a renowned journalist, author, and teacher in the historic town of Beit Sahour.  His lecture shed light on misconceptions in Palestine, and provided a thought-provoking perspective on what we all as both residents and internationals could do.  After asking important questions and engaging with his words, the campers loaded back on the bus and we made our way to the camping site.

Near the border with Jordan, we arrived at the camping site in the mountains.  Once here, we spent time playing cards, hanging out, and exploring the area.  After a few hours, as night fell, we went on a hike to the nearby mountains.  With flashlights, we trekked up and up until we had views of the lights of Jordan to the East and Palestinian cities to the West.  Next, we returned to the camp site where a traditional meal of zarb had been prepared for us.  After eating up, we lit a bonfire and listened to a local musician play traditional music on a wooden flute.  Once he had played his set, the mood shifted and the our speaker set was brought out to play some of the more current hits.  The campers danced around the campfire, clapping and singing along.  Later, we roasted marshmallows and hung out before making our way to the tents for bed.