Dead Sea

Today was a day of flexibility and resilience.  With our trip to Jerusalem, Haifa, and Akka planned and ready to go, the campers arrived at 6:30 am to the school.  Unfortunately, the permits for our campers were unable to be procured and plans had to drastically change.  With some last minute phone calls we made our way instead to the Dead Sea for a day at the beach.  Campers tested their weight as the floated in the salty water, and covered each other in the famous mud.  We then went to a nearby restaurant in Jericho for a filling traditional barbecue meal.  After a long day of soaking in the sun and hanging out, we made our way back to school.  Sometimes in Palestine, things do not go as planned - but the campers were nothing but supportive and easygoing.  The day became one of the best of the camp.