We greeted the half asleep campers at 4 AM, coffee already in our systems. We hopped, well hopped is an overstatement. We dragged ourselves onto the bus to head to Battir, a UNESCO World Heritage village. We had a local guide join us on our hike, and made the hike very informative and fun. We started the hike at sunrise. The weather was cool and one couldn’t guess that it was a summer day. We all enjoyed Battir’s landscape as the golden morning rays slowly made their way to the mountain tops. Our guide showed us different caves on the hike, and introduced different types of trees and plants native to Palestine’s land. Campers also got to do a little bit of climbing towards the end of the hike. We ended our hike with a stop at a little restaurant in Battir village to have breakfast. We had manakeesh be za’tar that were freshly baked on the rocks. We ate breakfast to views of Battir’s mountain tops and tunes of Fairouz in the background. We could not have had a more Palestinian morning!