Our bus today was headed towards Bet Jala and Bethlehem, and we were about to have quite the day! We first stopped by Badil Resource Center in Bet Jala where we had a lecture by Ms. Lubna Shomali who very eloquently spoke to our campers about Palestinian history, and culture. We had a discussion afterwards in which campers asked very intelligent questions.

We then headed towards Aida Refugee Camp where we had another informative lecture at the Aida Youth Center. After our walk, we went back to the Youth Center to have amazing oozy for lunch.

Our next stop was Banksy’s Walled Off Hotel. After a visit to the museum, campers got to unleash their creativity and thoughts into graffiti on the wall across the hotel/museum. Lastly, we went to the church of Nativity, and offered the campers free time with counselors in the old city of Bethlehem.