Day 1

The counselors welcomed Go Palestine campers on the first day. We did two ice-breaker name games on the campus cafeteria. We later headed to Chapel to introduce the campers to the camp’s rules, regulations, and expectations. We also provided campers with stationary to write themselves letters that they’d read at the end of camp

At noon, we walked in the streets of Ramallah and our destination was Jasmine Café and Restaurant for lunch. We had pizza as the campers mingled and got to know each other some more. Back on campus, we enjoyed some delicious Rukab's ice-cream for dessert!   
In the afternoon, the campers had a talk with Dr. Laila Atshan. They introduced themselves and talked about what they expect to get out of the camp. They talked about what makes a good experience, including communication, sharing, respect, caring. The campers later enjoyed some quiet time to meditate and reflect of their surroundings after a few social exercises. Reflections were always an integral part of Go Palestine. The counselors led campers through the reflections, and provided them with pointers to ponder upon. The campers constantly amazed us with their smart observations, debate, and analysis of everything that they were experiencing on a daily basis. Dr. Laila Atshan later gave the campers the chance to ask questions and engage in discussion with her!