Itinerary 2011

Sunday, July 3rd

Arrival of Biff, Bill, Lara to Palestine

Monday, July 4th - July 7th

Staff Orientation

Friday, July 8th


Saturday, July 9th

  • Biff and Mahmoud go to Jordan early morning via Sheikh Hussein Bridge

  • Airport pick-up for campers in Amman throughout the day/evening

  • Night at the Ibis Hotel in Amman

Sunday, July 10th

  • Additional campers arrive at the Ibis Hotel

  • Shuttle to Sheikh Hussein Bridge and crossing

  • Arrival in Ramallah - Host families pick up campers from FBS campus

Monday, July 11th

  • Orientation

  • Lunch at Angelo’s

  • Sports

  • Belly-dancing

  • Film screening of “Amreeka”

  • Structured Reflection

  • Letter writing

Tuesday, July 12th

Trip to Bethlehem and Hebron

  • Church of Nativity

  • Walking in Bethlehem market

  • Aida refugee camp

  • Tour of the Wall and graffiti

  • Falafel for lunch in Bethlehem

  • Chocolate dessert at Sima Cafe

  • Tour of Hebron’s old city and market

  • Tour of H1/H2 area and settlement

  • Glass-blowing factory

  • Visit to Ibrahimi Mosque

Wednesday, July 13th

  • Sports

  • Dabkeh Workshop

  • Theater Workshop

  • Tour of Coca Cola Factory in Ramallah

  • Shawerma for lunch (Mr. Baker)

  • Film Screening of “Occupation 101”

  • Structured Reflection

  • Evening Activity: Bowling

Thursday, July 14th

  • Service Day at the Tent of Nations in Bethlehem

  • Lunch at the Tent of Nations

  • Community Dinner at Falaha restaurant in Ein Areek

Friday, July 15th

  • Off

Saturday, July 16th

  • Sports

  • Tour of Birzeit University

  • Meeting with Right to Education Campaign students at Birzeit

  • Lunch at Birzeit cafeteria

  • Palestinian Fashion Exhibition at Birzeit Gallery

  • Tour of Arafat’s tomb in Ramallah

  • Film screening of “Frontiers of Dreams and Fears”

  • Structured Reflection

Sunday, July 17th

  • Hiking through Aboud and Deir Ghassaneh villages

  • Swimming at Dream Pool in Jifna

  • Lunch at Dream restaurant in Jifna

Monday, July 18th and Tuesday, July 19th (group alternates)

  • Service Day: Half of the group with ICAHD rebuilding home in Anata

  • Service Day: Half of the group volunteering at Askar Refugee Camp in Nablus

  • Lunch with ICAHD or with Inspire Dreams each day

  • Snacks for Inspire Dreams group

  • Ice cream for Inspire Dreams group

  • Film screening of “Jerusalem: East Side Story” for Inspire Dreams group

Wednesday, July 20th

  • Circus/Juggling Workshop

  • Tour of Taybeh Village

  • Tour of Taybeh Brewery

  • Lunch in Taybeh

  • Dabkeh Workshop

  • Theater Workshop

Thursday, July 21st

Trip to Jerusalem and Haifa

  • Wadi al-Joz

  • Aqsa Mosque

  • Church of the Holy Sepulcher

  • Old city walking tour and shopping

  • Austrian Hospice

  • Falafel lunch in Jerusalem

  • Haifa Bahai Gardens

  • Walking tour of Haifa city

  • Meeting with Baladna Youth Association

  • Swimming at the Mediterranean

  • Zumba dancing in Haifa

  • Community dinner in Haifa

Friday, July 22nd

  • Off

Saturday, July 23rd

  • Sports

  • Belly-dancing

  • Dabkeh

  • Tour of Edward Said Conservatory in Ramallah

  • Lunch at Checkers in Ramallah

  • Film Screening of “Slingshot Hip Hop”

  • Structured Reflection

  • Group games

  • Evening Bonfire

Sunday, July 24th

  • Talent show prep

  • Film Screening of “Budrus”

  • Structured Reflection

  • Lunch at Ankars Suites Hotel

  • ICAHD home completion ceremony

  • Tour of Bilin Village

  • Meeting with Bilin activists

  • Community dinner in Bilin

Monday, July 25th

Trip to Nablus

  • Tour of Masri Palace

  • Meeting with Architect Naseer Arafat

  • Visit to Cultural Heritage Enrichment Centre

  • Tour of Nablus’ Old City

  • Soap factory

  • Turkish bathhouse

  • Lunch in Nablus

  • Knafeh dessert

  • Tour of Jacob’s well and church in Nablus

  • Sabastia Village and Roman ruins

Tuesday, July 26th

  • Service Day: Jalazone Refugee Camp in Ramallah

  • Lunch at Jalazone

  • Capioera workshop

  • Swimming at Snowbar in Ramallah

  • Snacks at Snowbar

Wednesday, July 27th

  • Talent show prep

  • Film Screening of “Paradise Now”

  • Structured Reflection

  • Lunch at La Rose in Ramallah

  • Karaoke at La Rose

  • Evening Activity: Dance Party with DJ Kamal Bimbashi (open to all FBS students)

  • Snacks at Dance Party

Thursday, July 28th

  • Yoga workshop

  • Sports

  • Lunch at China House in Ramallah

  • Talent Show dress rehearsal

  • Evening Activity: Talent Show (families included)

  • Closing ceremony

Friday, July 29th

  • Sheikh Hussein Bridge Crossing to Jordan with Lara and Mahmoud

  • Night at Ibis Hotel in Amman

Saturday, July 30th

  • Lara and Mahmoud drop campers off to Amman Airport for return flights