Day Trip to Nablus

Today the campers visited Nablus, starting their day at al-Najjah University. They took a tour of the young campus and its facilities, including an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Before heading to their next destination they caught a breathtaking view of the entire city of Nablus.

Next the campers visited the ancient city of Sebastia, where they toured structures dating back from the Greco-Roman era to the Ottoman period. They learned how Israel committed war crimes by damaging and attempting to steal Sebastia’s structures to implant them into their museums, in an attempt to literally erase ancient Palestinian history in Sebastia. Following a large lunch in Sebastia, the group returned to the Nablus city center.

The campers then visited one of two remaining Nabulsi soap factories, and learned how constant Israeli siege rendered the thirty other factories out of business. After purchasing some of their own Nabulsi soap, the campers visited Nablus’ Old City. They visited a Turkish bath, witnessed sites damaged by Israel during the Second Intifada, and walked through the Old City’s bustling markets. They finished the tour with classic Nabulsi kunafeh, a dessert renowned for being the best in Palestine.

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