Trip to Mahmoud Darwish Museum, Al Kamandjati, Sharek Youth Center

Today the campers visited the Mahmoud Darwish Museum where they learned more about Palestine’s national poet. They saw a collection of his original manuscripts, observed a recreation of his office, and appreciated his personal objects and the stories behind them. Following the visit they were able to purchase copies of his books and commemorative memorabilia.

Following the Mahmoud Darwish Museum, the campers visited Al Kamandjati Music Academy. They learned about the school’s efforts to bring a substantive musical education to children from refugee camps who would otherwise not have such an opportunity. During the tour, the campers enjoyed a performance by some of the school’s music teachers, sang along to renditions of famous Arabic songs, and got to sit in on a music class.

After the visit to Al Kamandjati, the students went to the Sharek Youth Center, where the directors of the center talked about their work with Palestinian youth and the problems they face because of the occupation. The campers then visited one of the center’s projects in Kofer Ne`meh, located in Area C, the Sharek Youth Village. They learned how the village uses recycled materials for its structures because Israel does not allow construction in Area C using concrete and other sustainable construction materials.

The campers then hiked to the youth village to help complete the construction of a building, lather olive tree trunks with a protective solution, and organize a mass of recycled tires for a future structure. At the end of the day, the campers ate dinner with bread baked fresh at the site. After dinner, they started a bonfire and brought a guitar to sing songs together before hiking back to the bus.

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