The campers kicked off their day with a meaning reflection session.  In small groups, we discussed the importance of understanding privilege in the context of Palestine.  We reflected all we had seen and why it is important for all of us to care about our homeland - even in small ways, such as community service and orderliness.  We then went on to discuss our plan for the day and the history of Battir Village - a UNESCO world heritage site.

We left the school and were dropped off a few kilometers from the village.  We began on a trail through the natural world - up hills and along dirt paths.  We ended up at the top of the hill facing the village, witnessing the beauty of the place from afar.  We then hiked down, crossed train tracks, weaved between community farms, and finally made our way into the city.  Battir is known for its natural spring water, and many of the campers were able to cool off and rehydrate with the clean, cool water from the spring that provides water for the whole town.  From here we walked towards a restaurant overlooking the village and ate kofta while watching the sun set behind the mountains.