On Campus

We had our final round of community service today right here in al-Bireh.  Coming off of the previous reflections on soft ways to persist in Palestine, we as a camp understood the importance of keeping our spaces clean and organized.  We walked towards an area of al-Bireh where the curbs have been faded and need a new coat of paint.  Our campers got right to work, sweeping and painting the sidewalks.  After a few hours of hard work, we made our way back to the school.

After lunch, the campers engaged critically with the well-known film, Paradise Now.  The movie is an important story, emphasizing the different ways in which Palestinians lose hope and are forced into often violent situations.  We took time after the movie to reflect on what the movie was saying and the important takeaways for ourselves.

Later, we had a lively evening at the Aquazan pool.  Campers swam, danced, and ate their fill of pizza and chicken tenders.  Once we all danced and swam to our hearts content, we called it a night.