Talent Show and Ein Kinya

Campers spent all day Sunday preparing for the talent show. Between Dabkeh practice, creating graffiti paintings, and finalizing the edits on their videos, campers had their hands full. At 4:30, we welcomed family and friends to our annual Go Palestine Talent Show. The campers surprised us with their creativity and energy. Everyone in the room left the show with a smile on their face.

At 6:30, we took the bus to Ein Kinya to Keynan Jubran (camper)’s property. We had our farewell bonfire there, made smores, and the campers got to spend their last night together sitting around the fire.  As every year, we provided the campers with small journal diaries so they could write each other notes to remember the times they had in Go Palestine, and to reflect on. The bus ride back to campus was quite emotional as several campers said goodbye.